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Think of a cool, fancy  3D printing company logo that’s about 6 inches by 6 inches with a thickness of about 0.16 inches. It also comes with a sturdy base, so it can stand up on your desk. This logo will be a great addition to your workspace and can easily be secured in place using the double-sided tape that comes with it.

Once you’ve placed an order for a custom 3D company logo tabletop, the next steps are typically as follows:

  1. Order Confirmation: You’ll receive an order confirmation email that includes your order details, estimated delivery date, and any other relevant information.
  2. Design Confirmation: If your order includes a custom 3D logo, you might receive a follow-up email or a call from the company’s design team to confirm the specifics of your logo design, such as colors, dimensions, and any other unique features.
  3. Design Review: The design team will then create a digital mock-up or render of your custom 3D logo tabletop for your approval. This gives you the opportunity to review the design and request any changes if necessary.
  4. Final Approval: Once you’re satisfied with the design, you’ll provide your final approval to proceed with production.
  5. Production: The company will begin the production process, which may involve 3D printing, cutting, or other fabrication methods depending on the design.
  6. Quality Control: Once the product is manufactured, it undergoes quality control checks to ensure it meets the specified standards.
  7. Shipping: Once the quality control process is complete, the product is packaged and shipped to your address.
  8. Delivery: You’ll receive the custom 3D logo tabletop at the delivery address you provided.

For any query email us on [email protected]

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 5 cm

Keychains, Table Tops


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Custom Company Logo Table Tops G-9006

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